Why don’t men ask for directions?

Why don’t men ask for direction? Have you ever wondered why?

Well, here’s why.


Let’s be honest – rejection hurts.

As a man, I can assure you that I know this fact very well.

All these countless times I approached women to introduce myself.

All these hundreds of times I was “downcast.”

You know men describe it that way, right? Like we’re fighter pilots we’re going to kill,
and kill us …

This is what it feels like for a man. Men HATE rejection.

I know it’s not a women’s picnic either.

But when it comes to relationships, men can still feel rejected by you.

In fact – one of the most important things a man can feel is ACCEPTED and recognized by him it’s for you.

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When he comes to you with a slab of mammoth flesh …

Wait, sorry. That was in the days of the cavemen …

When he comes to you with the * pride of having cleaned the garage *, he needs to hear your gratitude for his work.

By the way, that’s why men don’t like to stop and ask for directions …

He wants to show you their competence to be able to navigate the wild jungle …

Well, asphalt jungle, anyway.

Remember this rule:

1) A man needs to feel like a MAN or he will feel unhappy, incomplete, and lack confidence.

2) To feel manly, he must be appreciated for the manly things he does.

Or … well, I hate to say it:

He will be attracted to the woman who YES appreciates and caresses his manly ego.

It’s easy to do, and very easy to FORGET to do.

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UPDATED ON 9/23/2021

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