Why Failure Can Be The Best Thing Ever | Relationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

Get A Man To Commit: You May Want To Reconsider That Ultimatum

If you find yourself desperately wanting to get a man to commit, sooner or later you will consider issuing an ultimatum. Before you do that, let’s look at what you’re really saying to him.

Beyond Defence and Beyond Attack

Imagine a thought-world where you would neither perceive the need to be defensive nor would you think in terms of attack. All that would come into your mental processes would be dealt with in an unemotional way, and everything communicated would also be conveyed without negative emotion. Your relationships would be, in the main, positive.

Dilemmas of Codependent Men

Much is written about the problems of codependent women. This article addresses the issues of men in relationships, often due to codependency that they may or may not be aware of.

Emotional Needs: Can Another Person Fulfil Our Emotional Needs?

When one looks for a relationship, there are emotional needs that one is looking for another person to fulfil within them. These needs can be conscious and known, and they can be unconscious and unknown. And some of these needs will be possible for another person to fulfil and meet and some of these needs will not be.

Qualities of a Life Partner

Finding a life partner could be very challenging. At times may don’t know what they want. Here are a few characteristics which you can look for in a mate.

Relationships Take Work

Thank God I can read. I am reading a wonderful little book called A Fine Romance, The passage of Courtship from Meeting to Marriage.  This book was written in the 80s, but it’s quite motivating.

How to Make Him Marry You – Remove His 2 Mental Road Blocks

You need to exaggerate on right techniques and strategies in order to make him marry you; any wrong attempt may cause him to break down. He will lose his ability to reconnect his feelings and become unable to count on your actions again.

How to Keep a Man Faithful Forever (Top 3 Powerful Tactics)

Are you also one of those women who find it difficult to keep their men faithful to them? If you are, you aren’t alone. You just need to understand the attributes a man look for in a relationship and play the game according to his psychology. Here are some proven ways in which you have an opportunity to make your man faithful forever.

How to Make His Mood Better (4 Incredible Tips)

It’s not easy to make men’s mood better. For that, women have to realize the mentality of men and their feelings, because the feelings and thinking patterns of men aren’t like women. Especially, the men’s mentality about married life is very difficult to understand. It creates many problems for women and usually leads to undesirable situations.

How to Be a Respectable Wife? (Be an Elite Woman)

Being a respectable wife is never easy – especially, in a long term relationship when you share each and every private secret with your husband. Relationship experts tend to exaggerate the importance of respect. According to them, If you earn respect, you will have an authority about your every words and actions.

Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children The Way God Sets Boundaries With His Children

Christians aren’t the only people who need boundaries–everyone does–but when setting boundaries, Christians want to feel assured that the choices they are making are pleasing to God and biblically based. Knowing how God sets boundaries with you as his child helps you know how to set boundaries with your adult children.

Are You a Valuable Woman in the Relationship?

Experts accept that the biggest asset of a woman is “VALUE”. For her, it’s as equally important as love in the relationship. If a woman doesn’t have the ability to prove herself valuable, she will never have good impact on her married life.

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