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As in real life, first impressions count when someone first looks at your profile. If your photo is not up to par, this potential date will move faster than a camera flash. It’s all about the images in that first moment of attraction and adding a photo that is the equivalent of your screen wearing your old pajamas and slippers on a night out won’t do. These are the types of photos you should avoid using to maximize your chances of getting a lot of dating.

Poor quality photos

If your photos are blurry, pixelated, or too far away from your camera, your features can’t be clearly seen, we guarantee you won’t do yourself any favors. Well-focused, colorful, head and shoulder photographs will catch your eye (we’ve been doing this for ten years, so trust us).


Smartphones have evolved to the point where taking a good photo is easy. Some quick tips to make sure you look good include thinking about lighting, trying different angles, not getting too close to the camera, and most importantly, smiling! Here is a blog we wrote with more tips for taking a good selfie.

Please do not poach

While you might think that ultra-moody black-and-white photography makes you look smoky and moody, chances are that a potential date will make you look grumpy and miserable, which is an instant blackout. Smile and the world smiles at you, as the saying goes, so find an image where you look bright and smiling.

Group traits

Your main profile photo should be your only photo: no friends, no ex, no group of holiday strangers. People who see your profile won’t be dating anyone but you, so you’re the only one who needs to see them (plus, it’s helpful to be clear about who you are!). Save group photos for the rest of your photos.

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