Why He Chose HER Instead Of YOU | Why He Gave The Love YOU Deserved… To ANOTHER Woman

The Incredibly Protective Nature of Boundaries

MOST parents take seriously the incredibly important protective nature of boundaries, but too few engage in actually training their kids. It is too late when a child is abused – generally in secret – and commonly by people they know. Training in boundaries, awareness of unsafe situations, and knowledge of the inherent evil in this world – these are all things our kids should be skilled in. They are things we should all be skilled in.

Being at Harmony With Your Resistance

RELATIONSHIPS feature a grand truth of serene balance. Wherever there is an abuse of power – in that moment – a discernible resistance is the predictable and understandable response. Nobody enjoys being oppressed.

Bad Decisions and Their Consequences

What happens when we know the right thing to do and don’t do it? Or we know the right decision to make, and we do something else? What happens when we decide to swim upstream against wise advice?

Finding the Right Solution for Relationship Woes

Once upon a time couples counseling was reserved for the seriously distressed couple. It was something that couples would slip away to do without telling friends or family. Thankfully times have changed and the role of couples therapy and the many forms that it can take has become a comfortable part of our culture.

Do We Need Therapy? Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Call a Couples Counselor

The decision to go to couples therapy is never an easy one. Aside from the lingering social stigma of asking for help, there is the challenge of cost and convincing your partner that your relationship really does need professional help. But before you start calling therapists or making your case to your loved one it can be helpful to ask yourself a few important questions.

Forget Your “Honey-Do” List – It’s Time for a “Do-Better” List

We are all familiar with the infamous ‘honey-do’ list. The never-ending litany of minor projects and chores that people (usually wives and girlfriends) create for each other to do each weekend or day off. But beyond the typical chore list, most couples also have another list, an emotional ‘honey-do’ list of sorts.

Minding Your Marriage

I came across a great vlog (video blog, for those of you like me who have no clue about these things) today. It was from local matchmaker/relationship coach, Paul Carrick Brunson and he was sharing the number one issue keeping singles from meeting that someone special. Turns out we are all walking around with sourpuss faces and turning off potential suitors left and right.

Contents Under Pressure: The Perils of Pursuing Relationship Perfection

It’s been a tough year for celebrity relationships. As I read the gossip columns and listen to the armchair psychologists pick apart these failed relationships, one theme almost always emerges- the pressure these couples are under and its impact on their relationships.

3 Ways to Stop Fighting About Money In Your Relationship

Money means a lot of different things to people but for most couples you can count on the fact that it’s going to mean arguments. We bring our own biases and beliefs about money not too mention our financial habits and expectations into our relationships. Now add on the stress of the current economy and it’s a wonder that most couples aren’t at each other’s throats everyday.

Turning Your Home Into a Romantic Retreat

If the weather predictions are right, many of us in the DC area may find that our romantic plans for dinner and dancing or a mini-getaway this weekend are not going to happen. And after days stuck at home, many of you may not be feeling very lovey-dovey anyway. So what’s a couple to do?

Is Today a Good Day to Be Married?

After recounting a particularly uneventful day, a husband recently said to me that, “today was a good day to be married.” There was nothing “amazing” about the time he and his wife had spent together. There was no romantic interlude or grand gesture from either of them.

The Distance Between Integrity and Gossip

SECRETS are granted to us in the sweeps and turns of the relational life. We are privileged to be allowed in within the secrets of others, let alone to keep the secrets we have tightly locked away – the secrets that maintain integrity. Trusted is the person we will share with, just as it is that we are blessed to be that trusted person when somebody else shares with us.

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