Why insecurity should not kill a relationship

Stephen Hussey

There are two insidious demons that can poison a wonderful relationship: jealousy and insecurity.

When you’re jealous, you look small, small, petty, like someone too worried about their neighbor to focus on their own path.

When you are insecure, you seem fragile, uncomfortable, uncertain, without that feeling of relaxation that makes others look at you with admiring eyes.

But does that mean you have to be perfect to have a relationship? Of course not. Both jealousy and insecurity are simply made of human beings.

What matters is:

  • How often do these emotions appear?
  • How much you let them distract you

Of course, you will feel moments when your body is out of shape. Or where you hate a pimple on your face. Or you feel like you’re not smart enough. It makes you ashamed.

That’s all right.

Because what really matters is how we are to answer to that feeling.

Do we approach each other and never tell our partner how we feel? Do we turn it into a 24-hour rage where we scold ourselves and add some good atmosphere?

If we take a moment, calmly and sincerely explain what is bothering us, and then re-focus on self-love, all of a sudden our insecurities affect us less. They become an obstacle to avoid it, even a part of us that can be endearing if we really own it and show our confidence in other ways.

The trick is to never feel insecure. It is having enough confidence in our worth that in the grand scheme of our lives, our insecurities are barely recorded.

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