Why minimalism is so popular

In this episode of the Breathe love and magic podcast, I’ll talk to the Rev. Yugen Bond. We discussed why minimalism is so popular and how it happened to this way of life.

why is minimalism so popular Yugen Bond?As I talked to Yugen, I learned a lot about how to raise your awareness and practice gratitude, which is part of minimalism. To really notice everything around you. Take the time to wonder how things work: there are so many miracles.

Even the idea of ​​an orange coming from Florida or California on your table is amazing. Cut it into slices, breathe in the aroma, notice the construction and the juiciness. This is such a simple way to feel connected to everything.

The wonder and the law of attraction

It’s like marveling at nature, as Lynn Grabhorn suggested in her book Excuse me, your life is waiting. When do you know a flower bud that comes out and blooms? Mindfulness is maintaining a higher level of awareness to really notice what is around you.

The Law of Attraction is part of raising your awareness, where synchronicities begin to happen. Mel Robbins who wrote Habit of five highs explains how the reticular activation system works. Your brain sets up a type of radar to see many examples of the new car you just bought or a red shirt.

It teaches us to “go and be one with nature,” but we are nature! Doing these exercises are easy ways to connect with everything in between. This is how you can feel more joy: connecting to this orange and connecting to something bigger than you.

What drove his shift to minimalism

Yugen says she’s a retired material girl who made me laugh! He grew up near New York City, where shopping was great and that was part of his circle of friends.

One day I was shopping with the designer bag on my arm, which was the equivalent of a month’s rent, and I suddenly felt stupid. Yugen wondered why he was doing this?

One of his ah-ha moments was when he had moved into a new apartment and was decorating it. He went shopping to find something to put on a wall and found nothing.

Then she left the store and it was a beautiful summer day with the sunlight hitting her. He thought, “Why am I doing this? It’s so stupid.” He moved from the suburbs to the city to reduce his size and gave away 90% of his belongings. (Can you imagine?)

Why is minimalism so popular?

Enough-sim This minimalist wants moreYugen explains why minimalism works for her: how liberating she has been. After shrinking, he started a podcast, got a master’s degree, and became interested in many projects. She didn’t need things or her designer bag to be happy.

She still likes fashion and has different types of clothes to suit her lifestyle. At first, he read that minimalists had neutral cabinets in beige, black, white, and gray, but that didn’t work.

He had to find his own way to his kind of minimalism. During the interview, she was wearing an intense pink dress and she loves neon!

Having a corporate job and going to yoga retreats, Yugen needs a variety of clothes to be suitable for her business, so she has not been reduced to anything. However, he is much more aware of what he is buying and takes time to think before making a purchase.

It shatters misconceptions about minimalism

We talked about how most of the information he found about minimalism was about being minimalist and why minimalism is so popular. But after taking all the steps and letting go of your stuff, what?

He discovered that the definition of minimalism can change. Ask yourself, “What kind of articles do you need and want in your life that will help you become the person you want to be?” As this changes and evolves, it becomes cluttered and loose.

She is a great advocate of being kind to yourself. If you bought something you never used, then what? It’s okay if things don’t work out the way you intended.

Be kind and hard on yourself and accept that you are evolving and growing. This means that what you have will also change. This is the most spiritual angle of minimalism.

Get out of your head

Why is minimalism so popular? The reason it makes sense for Yugen is to get out of your mind about your belongings and consumption and focus on the world around you. It is a process of mindfulness, which allows you to feel more connected to everything.

Curiosity is a big part of this that can quickly lift your spirits. Many great leaders are very curious and this is part of their strength and vision as Elon Musk.

Minimalism is not difficult

Yugen Bond minimalistYou are allowed to have things, but really think about what you have. What do you own that you love? She loves her fryer and her diary; these things are as valuable as your passport.

Think about what you use and what you have not touched, thought or looked at for a long time. Give them to someone who can use them. This is how your disorder can be an act of compassion: when you give things.

She recommends thanking the objects you drop as an act of appreciation for the service they give you. This changes your relationship with what you own or release.

A great exercise in gratitude is to look at your checking account or credit card statement and thank you for what you paid for. This is a more intentional way of thinking.

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BIO – Reverend Yugen Bond

Rev. Yugen Bond, host of the Enoughism podcast: About having enough wherever you are. She is also the author of Enough! This minimalist wants more which highlights interviews with people about their path of mindfulness. An ordained reverend, Yugen also holds a master’s degree in Metaphysical Science.

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