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If you’ve experienced a ghost, you’ll know that it can cause some unpleasant feelings of uncertainty and low self-esteem. Not having the closure to know why someone stopped communicating with you makes it difficult to move forward with confidence. However, most people probably don’t want to hurt you and only think of themselves when they make ghosts, instead of having strong opinions about you. Here are some reasons why people are ghosted and why it is very unlikely that it is your fault.

They’ve taken too many dates

When you go online dating, it’s easy to act like a kid in a candy store and get fed up with texting and meeting people. It’s exciting at first, but getting more involved can be stressful and exhausting. People in this position are likely to stop communicating and use ghosting as a way to deal with the exhaustion of dating.

They have reunited with their ex

If an ex is still pushing the boundaries of someone’s dating landscape, chances are they’ll fantasize about all their other options if it looks like the relationship can start all over again. This is especially true if they were in a gray area of ​​the relationship and their ex didn’t know they were dating again. It can be very inconvenient for them if their ex finds out that they are chatting with you, so they are likely to delete your number and avoid any communication.

They are going through a difficult time

If something big and bad happens in someone’s life, such as losing a loved one, moving house, or changing jobs, their online dating life will be one of the first things they suffer. They will not have the energy to spend on establishing new connections, but will turn to old friends and family for support. If you really like someone and suspect this has happened, try contacting them again in a couple of months to see if they are in another space.

They have been exclusive to someone else

If someone is on a dating site, they are likely to see other people. If you’ve been seeing someone for a long time, they may decide to be exclusive, which means you’ll be out of the picture. While the most polite thing would be to explain the situation to you, people often don’t, perhaps because they feel too uncomfortable to keep the conversation going.

They don’t deserve you

Ultimately, some people become ghosts because they can’t be bothered and don’t have enough respect for the people they go out with to offer a closure. Even though it’s painful, it means you’ve dodged a bullet, as they definitely don’t deserve it. Go ahead and chat with someone else – the person of your dreams is definitely out there!

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