Why you need a dating coach / dating advisor

Who doesn’t want to make life as a couple easier? Okay, let’s just say online dating is like looking for a needle in a haystack. What if with help it’s more like looking for a needle in an Easter basket? Lots of better odds, right?

So here we go:

1. Most singles have no idea what they are doing when they go on dating in cyberspace. They choose a random place, write a generally boring profile, and post a few photos. Then they wonder why the quality and quantity of answers are so bad; then they give up!


I’ll give you an example of a 35-year-old male journalist I admire who writes for the WSJ. His ingenious columns always captivate me. I was literally blown away when he sent me his profile – it was so tasteless and I felt like I had taken an Ambien. Well, we fixed it! And, he laughed a lot when he got his new profile from me, and after 4 months he is dating someone he really likes. Accredit your success on your profile (and on the new photos I insisted you take!).

2. Online dating has the largest group of singles you will ever meet after college, undergraduate school, workplace. But you need to know how to work the system online!

3. A good dating advisor will have at least 15-20 years of experience, growing in the attack of online dating applications / dating sites. Not someone who had 10 dates and met his wife online!

So how will a dating coach / dating advisor help you?

1. First, they will talk to you on the phone and find out if your expectations are reasonable and your attitude a little positive. They want to know that you are a good fit for your expectations. After all, they will usually work with you for a period of 2 to 3 months to make sure you learn how to work in different places and understand how algorithms work.

2. Then they should know you! Since I work with clients from all over the United States, both men and women, this means an hour of zooming in to review what you’re looking for, see yourself on screen, see your gestures … and just get to know each other. you in general!

3. Once accepted, the first thing we do for you is save a lot of time! Think of it this way: You might see tons of YouTube videos about golf or yoga, but without a one-on-one coach, it will take a long time to learn how to play properly and progress.

4. We know the dating market. Whether you’re in North Dakota or New York, we know the strongest places in your area, the perfect place for your age and goals. For example, a Colorado client told me I wanted to go to Bumble, but I knew that just looking at my research there were few people in this app in their market. Of course, we only need one, but we will get you the best odds we can.

5. Get an objective and experienced cheerleader! He’s not one of your friends to tell you that everything you do is great, hey, that’s what friends do!

6. We teach you everything from browsing all aspects of online dating: photos, profile, the right place, and great messaging skills. Ohhhk. Can I talk about messaging for a minute? The bachelors send a “Hello, how are you,” “Oh, beautiful photos” to throw up a novel with all your innermost thoughts. TMI, folks!

In fact, I have my clients’ logins and passwords for the dating sites I’ve recommended, and every week we go to this site together and discuss possible big matches and the best way to contact us. Oh, and how to stay organized and not get overwhelmed. I show them shortcuts that cut between 80 and 90% of the time that would normally waste time.

I often find that when I do this with clients they want to “save” possible matches and react to them later. No no No! Online dating is a fast and well-played game – you can reply or delete. Nothing more.

For more information on tips, tricks, and secrets for browsing these sites, hire a great, experienced dating coach and great rep. More than 60% of my clients are in relationships. Last year, 1 in 3 couples who got married met online and I only hope that figure will increase as the stigma of using online dating has been eradicated.

Want to have an adventure with me and online dating? Go to my website and check out some of the 2 minute dating tips.

With love and laughter,

Andrea McGinty

Founder, 33000Dates.com

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