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We go out into the world looking for love, but we don’t really do it on purpose. We probably think that love is more of a primary emotion that comes naturally. When the feeling is present, then we know we are in the right situation. When the feeling is not there, then it is not the right situation to be there. We should change that and come out more carefully.

So far, more carefully it means we need to have a purpose

The problem with dating using only our emotions is that it can be misleading. For example, we often confuse the “spark” we feel with love. When it’s not there, we automatically conclude that we don’t feel love for a person. We must admit that sometimes the spark we feel is wasted on a person who has deceived or ghosted us. We can avoid this when we go out more carefully. Other benefits of conscious dating include:

1. You will have lower expectations

If we are not careful, we focus on predetermined ideas of what our date will look like even before we meet the person. Because you are more based on what is realistic when you are attentive, you will have fewer expectations and less chances of being disappointed.

2. Quote more carefully with aligned intentions

Only talk to people who have similar goals to yours. For example, if you’re looking for a serious relationship, you shouldn’t entertain someone who wants to date you casually. It’s not just the purpose of dating, it’s more about giving the right people time.

3. Happier at the moment

Being aware allows you to be more present. When you are, you enjoy the moments that happen with your date, you know the person better and you have control over yourself.

So far, it has many advantages. If you haven’t been lucky enough in the dating scene for months, what do you have to lose? Try to be more aware and determined when dealing with people who could be a possible partner. For more dating tips, read other blog posts.

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